Work With Us

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Job Description:

Work with us as the official writer/ transcripter for Notespaedia and Notespaedia affiliate institutes and faculties. The writer is required to make conceptual video transcript of video source we provide. The writer has the freedom to work at home and has the flexibility over time of work. We calculate an average of 3hour/day (video hours) schedule. The freedom to select projects or work on intellectual project are also given. The writer starts as an intern and later can be promoted to become the core writer board member which all depends on the writers quality of writing, efficiency and demand.

What we are looking for:

1. Apple Ipad with pencil support.

2. Extremely Good Handwriting

3. Expertise in digital note taking

4. Hard worker and punctual

5.Creative with innovative ideas

6. Take up challenging projects

7. Problem Solver

8. Available to work any time.

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