There is no need to panic regarding Covid-19 in India: Indian experts

According to the experts, India’s current Covid situation does not call for a lockdown or restrictions on international flights.

India has acted in response to the unprecedented rise in China of Covid’s new BF7 variant.

The BF7 variant of Covid-19 has already entered India, raising concerns about a second Covid-19 wave there. The government, on the other hand, has cautioned against panic.

The news that China is experiencing a second round of Covid-19 cases has panicked the Indian government. Additionally, numerous cases have been reported in France, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.


The main reason for the increase in Covid cases, according to medical researchers, is BF7 and the Omicron variant. There have been four cases of this subvariant found in India. Because of this, the Government of India (GOI) has called a high-level meeting to discuss the Covid-19 situation in India and plan campaigns to raise awareness.

It is better to be safe than sorry, even though it is still early days and the government has not yet declared the return of the pandemic. It’s hard to keep from having a good time at a party on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. However, if you are hosting a party, we recommend that you adhere to safety and hygiene guidelines. The party shouldn’t be remembered for being a bad time; it should be remembered for being a good time.

India has increased surveillance and genome sequencing of covid-positive samples amid an increase in cases in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Brazil, France, and China. The highly transmissible Omicron strain, most commonly BF.7, is currently affecting Chinese cities. Beijing’s main variant is contributing to a larger increase in infections in that nation.

What is the strain of Covid-19 BF.7 Omicron?

Due to its high transmissibility, BF.7, a sub-lineage of Omicron variant BA.5, has the strongest infection potential. It is more likely to reinfect people who have been vaccinated and has a shorter incubation period.

Government action Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged people to wear masks in crowded public places after presiding over a high-level meeting on COVID-19.

In addition, PM Modi has urged authorities to increase testing and genome sequencing, as well as to encourage people, particularly elderly and vulnerable groups, to take a “Precaution (booster) dose.”

Medical College in Kaithal to be named after Lord Shri Parshuram, announces CM Khattar

On Sunday, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar addressed the gathering at the state-level program of Lord Shri Parshuram Mahakumbh in Karnal. Among the important announcements he made were the declaration of a  holiday on the occasion of Lord Parshuram Jayanti and the naming of the Kaithal medical college after Lord Shri Parshuram.

In addition, the Chief Minister announced that the state would establish a Pujari and Purohit Welfare Board in order to provide them with a fixed minimum wage. He added that the skilled workforce of Pujari and Purohits will be used to determine the minimum wage rate in this regard.

Khattar likewise reported that the issue of Pehrawar land has been settled and will be given to the Gaur Brahmin School as it were. A new rent understanding will be finished for this school for a very long time from the year 2022 to 2055 and the pace of the rent will be according to the standards. The initial term of this lease was from 2009 to 2042. In addition, Khattar stated that they will not be required to pay any kind of fine or penalty money while simultaneously announcing the waiver of the previous payment.

Advancements in Medical College

In addition, the Chief Minister announced that 100 BMS seats would be approved for Gaur Brahman Ayurvedic College. In addition, he announced that 35 seats in the MD-MS program—five in each of seven subjects—would be approved.

A postage stamp would also be issued in Lord Parshuram’s honor, according to Khattar. In response to this, a letter will be sent to Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, Union Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology.

On the subject of Economically Backward Persons in the General Category (EBPG), the Chief Minister stated that the Haryana government had drafted a policy to give economically weaker sections 10% reservation in government jobs. After that, the central government had given the policy a new name and made 10% reservation for economically weaker sections across the country. He added that the Central Government’s policy was later implemented in Haryana as well.

According to Khattar, the court decided that the recruitment would be carried out in accordance with the Central Government’s EWS policy during the time that the EBPG policy issue was brought to court. About 400-500 candidates were unable to receive appointment letters for this reason. The Chief Minister stated that the Haryana government is steadfast in its position in the High Court regarding this matter and that it is our goal to ensure that those candidates receive appointment letters as soon as possible.


Concerning the Dholidar land issue, he stated that the Dholidar Act was drafted with little consideration. Dholidar received two types of donated land as part of this. There is panchayati land owned by the government and private land. The law has been changed by the government of Haryana, and the Dholidar now owns approximately 1700 acres of private land. A provision will also be made in the law to release this land if the panchayati land was given to the Dholidar for the purpose of building a house or farming, shared Khattar.

He also said that Bhai Mati Das- Sati Das Chhibber would be the new name for Fountain Chowk in Karnal. In addition, the old Parshuram Chowk would be beautified and the road between Parshuram Chowk and Gandhi Chowk would be named Bhagwan Parshuram Marg. Essentially, a sculpture of Master Parshuram will likewise be introduced in a recreation area in the city, declared Khattar. Additionally, he announced a grant for Dharamshalas totaling Rs 31 lakh. In addition, he announced that he would donate a plot of 2000 square feet to the Bhagwan Parshuram Seva Sadan. That’s what he said assuming associations apply for plots at different spots in the state, they will be given plots according to rules.

In addition, Khattar announced the establishment of an Acharya Chanakya Chair at Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, for research into his life and works. He urged people from all of the communities that were present to collaborate with the government to advance society and the country’s progress and prosperity.

Uttarakhand All Set To Launch medical education In Hindi Medium From 2023

Health Minister Dhan Singh Rawat, Inspired by Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand  also set to start medical education in Hindi. The state intends to introduce the curriculum in Hindi, alongside English, from the next academic session, in all subjects. “The objective of the New [National] Education Plan (NEP) 2020 is to promote Hindi and regional languages. Uttarakhand is a state where 70% of students get their education, up to the intermediate (12th) level, in Hindi. Having books for vocational education like MBBS and Engineering in Hindi will help such students,” says Mr. Rawat in an interview with the Hindu.

Medical Education in Hindi Medium: A big change

Uttarakhand currently has four government medical colleges in Dehradun, Srinagar (Pauri), Haldwani and Almora. The state has a total of 525 MBBS seats, 85% of which are reserved for Uttarakhand students and 15% for non-state students.

Medical Education
Medical Students

In three private medical colleges in the state, each with 150 places, 50% of the places are reserved for state students and 50% for all India.

To prepare the MBBS syllabus in Hindi, the Department of Medical Education has formed a four-member expert committee, who will design the project after completing the syllabus that is being implemented in medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh. Dr. C.M.S. Rawat, Principal, College Medical College, Srinagar (Pauri) was the chairman of the committee which included Dr. AK. Singh, Professor at Haldwani Medical College, and Dr. Hari Shankar Pandey as members. Dr. Daulat Singh of Government Doon Medical College is the secretary of the committee. Explaining how the preparatory work for the Hindi event will begin, Dr. C.M.S. Rawat said the committee will study the syllabus prepared by the MP, who is currently teaching three medical subjects in Hindi.

“We will see how they did the translation, and we will translate the fitness training system. The aim is to give students an opportunity to study both Hindi and English from the next academic session, in all subjects,” he added.

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